What does it cost

Cost plays a part in every decision.



We know times are tuff so we do our best to offer exceptional service at affordable pricing. With three different options for cremation we can accommodate any budget.  Call our office to day and ask us how. 

We offer discounts to senior citizens, as well as veteran's, and active duty military personnel.

Private Cremation

Private Cremation

Private Cremation - Your pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber.

This includes:

Guaranteed return of only your pet’s cremated remains using the same tracking system offered by respected funeral homes and crematories nationwide.

Certificate of Private Cremation.

3-D PawPals paw impression.

Wood pet urn with your pet’s name.

One fur clipping in a glass vial.

72 hour maximum completion time.


Up to 1 lb             $150.00

2-5 lbs                   $225.00

6-14 lbs                 $250.00

15-24 lbs               $275.00

26-75 lbs               $300.00

75-100 lbs             $350.00

101-150 lbs            $375.00

Individual Cremation

Individual Cremation

Individual Cremation -  More than one pet is in the crematorium when it is run. The pets are divided in a manner that allows the crematory operator to collect each individual’s cremated remains individually.

This includes:

Certificate of Cremation.

Wood pet urn with your pet’s name

5 day maximum completion time.


Up to 1 lb                $125.00

2-5 lbs                      $150.00

6 -14 lbs                   $175.00

15 – 25 lbs               $200.00

26 – 50 lbs               $250.00

Over 51 lbs requires private cremation.

Communal Cremation

Communal Cremation

Communal Cremation – Your pet will be cremated with other pets without means of separation. Your pet’s cremated remains will not be returned to you, but will be scattered in a dignified manner.


Up to 1 lb                $60.00

2-5 lbs                      $80.00

6-14 lbs                    $100.00

15-25 lbs                  $120.00

26-50 lbs                  $140.00

51 lbs and over require private cremation.

Additional Services Available

Additional Services Available

Optional Services Available

Home Removal               $60.00

Private Viewing               $75.00

Chapel Service                 $250.00

Memory Portrait              $199.00

3-D PawPals Prints         $25.00

Fur Clipping                    $15.00

Name Plate                      $25.00

Vinyl Lettering                 $20.00

We reserve the right to charge up to, but no more than 18% APR on any unpaid account 30 days after due date.